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The market demands increased production flexibility and improved operational efficiency. The next wave of automation investments are leveraging Internet Protocol to drive programs that make machinery capable of manufacturing a wider variety of products, deploy production lines with shorter switchover time between finished goods, and develop self-diagnosing plants that run through component failure. 

Efficiency Through Automation Triple Objective

The cost-efficiency characteristic of an open standard gets the early attention. But adopting a standard protocol also serves the profit objective by expanding networking and connectivity options.

How to be Sure Your Network is Futureproof

Innovation will happend during the lifecycle of today's infrastructure ivestments. See how today's technology mega-trends help inform future-proof network investments

Rockwell Automation Security eBook

IT/OT convergence creates new opportunities & new risks emerge. This eBook shows how focus on 3 aspects of an holistic security solution enables companies to manage their threats and build more secure systems

Convergence Revolution is Transforming Production

Automation is just one element in a portfolio of plant- and enterprise-level disciplines which, when they converge, exponentially increase production agility and innovation.

RF Design Recommendations

Summary of the radio frequency recommendations for EtherNet/IP when used in wireless configurations extracted from a recent Rockwell Automation/Cisco authored white paper

How to Design a VLAN Based Network Architecture

Once the VLANs and IP addressing schema has been set, the key design decision is how to deploy VLANs into the network infrastructure. This article outlines the step-by-step process to designing a VLAN-based network architecture

EtherNet/IP Enables Unrestricted Flow of I/O Data

Passive networks are limited in the number of devices and how they can be connected. EtherNet/IP features an active infrastructure and supports almost infinite nodes to give flexibility when designing a network or expanding it in the future

Using EtherNet/IP for Motion Control

It’s not that any one network is too complex, but we have too many different networks. Each network costs more to design, install, and maintain. CIP Motion is one of a set of EtherNet/IP activities to help realize the benefits of Ethernet with IP

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