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A wide range of documents, implementation guides and presentations outlining the capabilities of Industrial IP, both in terms of the available technologies and their application, and how it can change the way you work.

Energy Monitoring Has a New Upper Limit

EtherNet/IP changes the improvement role, purpose and reach of “monitoring” in energy management strategy, planning and execution aimed at improving the bottom line.

Choosing network technology

Digital interconnectivity depends on having a standard, not a standards-based network. Our handy two-page guide outlines the differences between truly standard network technology and more restrictive systems that can add cost and complexity.

Physical Network Deployment on the Plant Floor

Correctly deploying switches on the plant floor can help offer a robust, repeatable, and reliable way to reduce downtime and increase the life of network investments.

Networks vs. Protocols

Like many words in English, “network” and “protocol” have different meanings. Without a protocol, a transmitting computer, for example, could be sending its data in 8-bit packets while the receiving computer might expect the data in 16-bit packets.

Skinny on Point to Point Cable

Understanding where to use structured cabling vs. point to point connections is important for a standard, robust IP network.

Deploying Wireless LAN Technology

A new white paper and design and implementation guide builds on the existing CPwE system by introducing Wireless LAN network capabilities, with emphasis on equipment connectivity.

IoT World Forum - How to Transform with IoT

IoT World Forum demo shows how to address challenges and overcome integration challenges using the power of Internet Protocol. To achieve a platform for IoT value creation, learn how to leverage validated architecture and ecosystem solutions.

Deploying Resilient Ethernet Protocol

This design guide explores deploying REP within the Converged Plantwide Ethernet reference architectures by showing convergence functions as an alternative to the resiliency protocols described in the CPwE Design Implementation Guide.

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