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Metals and Heavy Industry

Long-term investments demand future-proof technologies with a long shelf life and low ownership costs. Convergence of multiple networks into one, multiple servers into virtualised appliances and commitment to open standards are all consistent with modern thinking and doing. Internet Protocol has become the definitive open communications technology that makes these goals a reality. 

Physical and cybersecurity protect your plant

Both physical security and cybersecurity must be in place to keep chemical facilities safe from attack.

Is Your Physical Network Infrastructure IoT Ready?

Physical network infrastructures tend to last 3x longer than manufacturing software. Make sure your infrastructure is prepared for the technology changes of tomorrow.

ODVA Optimisation of Energy Usage

In this White Paper, ODVA explain their vision of energy management in the Industrial ecosystem moving from awareness through efficient consumption and into results based transaction

Marcegaglia Case Study

Learn how Panduit’s network infrastructure solutions increased Marcegaglia’s implementation time.

EtherNet/IP for Process Control

Instrumentation can capture and report unprecedented volumes of variables. The challenge lies in unifying the data flow from instrumentation with other devices in process applications, such as drives, controllers and operator workstations

Security-Waking up to Mayhem and Murphy

Security gets a lot of airplay these days because of the potential for damage that can result from intentional acts. Analyze your plant threats by breaking it down by location and motives and then suspects and the approach to remedy.

ODVA Optimization of Process Integration

OPI enables a unified communication solution that can be ultimately comprised of standard unmodified Ethernet and Internet technologies using EtherNet/IP in combination with an IP-oriented network architecture

Paper on the Optimization of Process Integration

An approach that is convergent, compatible, scalable and open for users and their suppliers which will simplify the exchange of configuration, diagnostic and production data between field devices and higher-level systems

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