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Today’s vehicles are customised in batches of one, requiring flexibility and a common platform to manage the diverse numbers of networked devices in use. Internet Protocol enables scalable and reproducible system design and integration, enabling users to access more valuable information, to run their plants more reliably and at higher velocities, and to be more competitive in global markets.

Is Your Physical Network Infrastructure IoT Ready?

Physical network infrastructures tend to last 3x longer than manufacturing software. Make sure your infrastructure is prepared for the technology changes of tomorrow.

Converged Networks Drive Operational Efficiencies

Connected devices and IoT technologies can provide better information flow for better visibility and efficiency across operations. See how automotive manufacturers are taking advantage of network convergence and connectivity.

General Motors Harnesses the IIoT

General Motors worked with FANUC, Rockwell Automation and Cisco to ensure zero downtime through connected robotics.

Automotive Manufacturer Case Study

Learn how Panduit’s tailored physical infrastructure solution helped an international automotive manufacturer build a reliable network infrastructure.

A Spotlight on Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers

IDC Manufacturing spotlights how Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers was able to transform its operations to prepare for the future.

Network Address Translation for Plantwide Ethernet

IP addresses may need to be reused within Industrial Automation and Control System applications by end users, OEMs and system integrators. This article discusses both technological and business issues

Using EtherNet/IP for Motion Control

It’s not that any one network is too complex, but we have too many different networks. Each network costs more to design, install, and maintain. CIP Motion is one of a set of EtherNet/IP activities to help realize the benefits of Ethernet with IP

Building a Future Proof Infrastructure Foundation

Join us! This webcast will help enhance your ability to design and deploy enterprise and industrial networks as well as industrial control systems.

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