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To be more responsive to changing market and operational conditions, manufacturers need seamless, secure device and software connectivity throughout the plant-floor and on to business systems and partners. Convergence drives the consistency that leads to process efficiencies and cost reductions.

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Routing Approaches for Complex Industrial Networks

Explore different routing solutions for initiatives like smart manufacturing that require the free flow of information across a network architecture.

Convergence Revolution is Transforming Production

Automation is just one element in a portfolio of plant- and enterprise-level disciplines which, when they converge, exponentially increase production agility and innovation.

Bridging IT and OT to Build a Modern Network

Watch the recording of our recent webinar on bridging IT and OT to build a modern and robust industrial network.

Secure Networks: a Connected Plant

As plants become more connected due to the proliferation of IIoT, manufacturers need to train operators and secure their network.

Converged Networks Drive Operational Efficiencies

Connected devices and IoT technologies can provide better information flow for better visibility and efficiency across operations. See how automotive manufacturers are taking advantage of network convergence and connectivity.

How to Design a VLAN Based Network Architecture

Once the VLANs and IP addressing schema has been set, the key design decision is how to deploy VLANs into the network infrastructure. This article outlines the step-by-step process to designing a VLAN-based network architecture

How to Achieve the Changing Workforce Apocalypse

Connectivity, training and modern manufacturing settings are just a few assets that can help manufacturers address workforce challenges.

EtherNet/IP: Preserving the Simplicity of Ethernet

EtherNet/IP helps enable a simple network architecture and supports a converged network architecture to help manufacturers achieve plant-wide optimization.

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